Working in Applied Behavior Analysis can be exciting, yet it can also be overwhelming or even frustrating at times.

At BABA, our goal is to help diminish some of those frustrations by offering official members the opportunity to gain mentorship from an experienced BCBA.

BCBA’s selected to act in the role of mentor will either be a BABA Board member or an individual that has been certified for a minimum of 2 years.  Potential mentees will be paired with mentors following the completion of a questionnaire to aid in the best pairing possible. 

A woman compassionately places her hand on another woman's shoulder.

Mentors and mentees can use scheduled meetings to discuss: 

  • Job frustrations (do not discuss clients for HIPPA purposes)
  • Job hunts
  • Job achieving/achievements
  • General study questions
  • Interview skills
  • Mental health check in
  • Research articles and article discussions
  • Networking with different professionals 
  • Cultural differences and how it may affect therapy 
  • Ethic reviews

To receive or provide mentorship, become a BABA member!

Any questions about mentorship? Contact us!